The Ornithomimus is one of the three starter dinos. It is an omnivore but is thought to be the strongest dinosaur in the game! Because its an omnivore ,they are the one of the worst dinos in the game. but the best omnivore is the Gigantoraptor which has good health and attack: five attack at baby stage, 6 attack at teen stage and seven attack as an at adult. you can imagine what a elder can do. To unlock the Gigantoraptor you must survive 10 days as a omnivore which includes the Ornithomimus, Troodon and Avimimus.

The Ornithomimus has 4 skins:

File:Swamplike Ornithopenis.png

mail Runner Ornithomimus Skin 1000 DNA

Speed Demon Ornithomimus 1000 DNA ]]

The Mail Runner and Speed Demon Ornithomimus Includes a +1 speed bonus!

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